Become a Dragon, We are Paper Dragons.

Paper Dragon
Sep 25, 2022


Paper Dragon was launched on September 24, 2022 at 12:00 GMT with the goal of burning 50% of the supply without shortcuts.

Paper Dragon is a burnable token. With each buy/sell/transfer, a small percentage of the amount will burn forever, reducing the total supply. Burn tax starts as low as 0% — 1% and increases over a 12-month period until it reaches 5%. Transfer tax is 2% and does not change.

There was no private sale, pre-sale or pre-launch airdrop. There will never be airdrops.

Liquidity was locked for 24 months.

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Contract address: 0xc4ddd5bda8a30eff2e35b7a580b0f7fbfa6b502a